Onward’s Cruise Journal 2017
New England Cruise

Updated: 8 July 2017

July 2017

1 Jul 17; Saturday; Fishers Island to Newport

2 Jul 17; Sunday; Newport

3 Jul 17; Monday; Newport

4 Jul 17; Tuesday; Newport to EGYC, East Greenwich Cove
  • Another beautiful day greeted us — another iconic quiet morning in a New England Harbor with clear air, bright crystalline colors, only ripples on the water, and an immense fleet of boats surrounding us.
  • We dropped the mooring at 0700 and headed N up the E passage to Greenwich Bay - a quiet and peaceful passage. We picked up mooring C82 at EGYC after a bit of a search and then focused on cleaning ourselves up to head off to the annual Rocchio Family 4th of July Picnic. The 4th is my late brother Bob's birthday and it has been a wonderful gift to me to be able to spend it with his family each year. This is the 11th cruise of Onward to RI since I retired.

5 Jul 17; Wednesday; EGYC to Bristol to EGYC
  • We dropped the mooring at 0730 and headed out for a day trip to Bristol. Once out of the cove, we were able to ghost along under the genoa until we reached Warwick Neck light. As we furled the sail and got underway with the engine, we were passed by a motor yacht and soon got a call on the radio from Kinvara, a sailing yacht I'd spent time with on the ICW and Bahamas. They had sold the sailboat and bought a motor yacht which they keep at EGYC. We hope to catch up with them while we visit.
  • This evening, we learned that Elena and Kian have a new resident friend: a pet 4' "ghost" corn snake! What was Dad thinking???

6 Jul 17; Thursday; Godard Park Anchorage, Greenwich Bay
  • Tina and Ed abandoned ship via launch and Ubered off to the airport to return to MD. They managed to work in a Smithsonian concert on the way from BWI to their home. Impressive.
  • Peggy and I moved Onward from the EGYC mooring to "our" anchor spot off Godard Park. Once set, we just crashed and spent the rest of the day napping and reading.

7 Jul 17; Friday; Godard Park Anchorage, Greenwich Bay
  • I awoke to a rainy day and was happy to see it as it meant we could just stay aboard and deal with boat and living tasks without feeling guilty about not using a nice day for outside activities. I decided it was time to bring Onward's website up to date. The first item was to update the running list of our stops since mid-April. Just making the list wore me out. We spent the rest of the day catching up on boat chores and the ash and trash of life.

8 Jul 17; Saturday; Godard Park Anchorage, Greenwich Bay

9 Jul 17; Sunday; Godard Park Anchorage, Greenwich Bay

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