Onward’s Cruise Journal 2017

Updated: 7 July 2017

May 2017

1 May 17; Monday; George Town

2 May 17; Tuesday; George Town
  • Tom Lane invited me over for a burger dinner with a Swedish cruiser he met. At that, I decided to make some rosemary-olive oil bread dough for fresh-baked burger rolls. A couple of hours after I put the dough out to rise, I noticed it hadn't. Then I remembered that I hadn't added the yeast! So I took the handy pastry cutter and cut in a package of yeast into the moist dough.
  • About 1500, I moved Onward W across the harbor to anchor close to Kidd Cove in preparation for picking up Peggy when she files in tomorrow.
  • The burger rolls came out better than I had a right to expect.

3 May 17; Wednesday; George Town
  • Peggy is Back Day!
  • I went into the BTC office as it opened at 0930 and they credited my account for the non-working TopUp card I had bought. However I only got the $20 value and not the 15GB which normally cost $35. Ah well.
  • Janne came by to look at waypoints for his trip to Nassau. I managed to get Onward cleaned up enough to pass inspection. Most important, I managed to keep Peggy's garden looking fine.
  • I was waiting for Peggy when her taxi pulled up at Exuma market. When I walked over and opened the door to greet her, I found her exhausted and with a terrible cold. We got her stuff aboard Venture then did a last minute shopping stop before heading back to Onward. Once aboard, she climbed into

4 May 17; Thursday; Black Point

5 May 17; Friday; Sampson Cay

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