Onward’s Cruise Journal 2014
New England to the Chesapeake Cruise

Updated: 3 Oct 2014

September 2014

1 Sep 14; Monday; Nantucket

  • The forecast rain storm came through during the night and we awoke to cloudy skies. It was a good morning to continue with the catch-up. By ~1300, the day had become clear and sunny so we Ventured into town. We stopped for lunch at Provisions where we got delicious sandwiches. The it was off to the Whaling Museum where this time we were able to buy tickets for the historical house walking tour. The tour took us through areas of downtown that we'd not yet covered on this visit. Also, we were able to tour the interior of two of the homes owned by the Nantucket Historical Association. Seeing these homes again made it easy for me to believe how in 1850, on just one short street on Nantucket, there were more millionaires than in the rest of the US.
  • The most delightful house on the tour was "Great Light" that had been owned and "created" by two wealthy Quaker sisters from PA who had stumbled upon the building when it was a barn. The purchased it and turned it into a summer home for them which embodied many items they had collected over the years. It seems they delighted in visiting junk yards and demolition sites to pick up architectural treasures which they incorporated into their home. The result was an eclectic delight for them that was the consternation of their neighbors. Of course, today, it looks like an archetypical Nantucket home -- if just a bit more interesting.
  • Peg had checked the paper and found that Jetties Beach Bar was to have buck-a-shuck tonight so we took a leisurely walk out there -- almost an exact repeat of walk of yesterday. As we approached, we noticed a number of bathers who were now walking back to town. I began to wonder and when we got to the beach, we found the restaurant and bar were closed for a private party. No buck-a-shuck, no cold, frosty, frothy draft beer, no nuthin! Baaahhhh! There was nothing for it but to walk back to town as we had just missed the bus going that way.
  • A tired and thirsty duo put into Nix's Brew Pub for a draught to keep us going until we got back to Onward.
Jazz at Atheneum; (508) 228-1110
Fri. Aug. 29, 7pm-8:30pm, Great Hall
Concert: Anne Martindale & Richard Busch
Music at the Park
White Herron Theater

2 Sep 14; Tuesday; Nantucket
  • We Ventured ashore at noon to meet Ed and Nancy at the Harbormaster''s pier. As we unloaded ourselves, Nancy & Ed were busy taking pictures. As I turned to tie up Venture, I bumped my head into the railing of the walkway from the pier to the float and almost knocked myself into the drink. How graceful!
  • We headed off to Something Natural for sandwiches and then to Cisco Brewery where we enjoyed our sandwiches with cool droughts, Nancy bought a shot of their bourbon whiskey and I got to sample it. It was quite good. I don't know I could distinguish it from Makers Mark or from Jamesons. After lunch Peg took me off to try their rum which we found to be a nice sipping Rum so Peg bought some to go with the new rum sipping set I bought in Stonington.
  • Next we headed to Bartlett's Farm to do some veggy shopping for dinner. There I was pounced on by a blueberry pie which made me take it home to join the dinner. That done, we took a driving tour of the very W tip of the Island and stopped at a couple of beaches where there were still a good number of folks about. We then headed off to the other end of the island for coffee at the Siasconcet Store. I managed to get a nap in on the way.
  • Perked up by coffee, Nancy & Ed led Peg and I on a walking tour along the Bluffs Walk which follows the lip of the sand bluffs that line the shore at Siasconset. Neither Per or I were aware of this lovely walk which is a public path across the back yards of many large homes. It terminates at the point where erosion of the bluffs has become a problem and the public pathway is gone. So we turned around and got to enjoy the walk from the other end and found it just as delightful.
  • We headed back to Ed & Nancy's house where we organized a lengthy cocktail hour on the deck where fog had begun to shroud the sun. In a much more relaxed state, Peg and I joined forces with Nancy as she whipped up delicious swordfish steaks and veggies. The blueberry pie joined us to take part in dessert.
  • By the time dinner was through it was dark and the fog had completely shrouded the area so we decided to spend the night instead of trying to find Onward in the fog.

3 Sep 14; Wednesday; Nantucket
  • We awoke to a beautiful sunny Nantucket morning. This was improved with fresh coffee and a nice shower. When Ed became almost communicative, we headed off for a beach walk. The Tom Nevers Head beach was desolate except for us. We got good exercising by walking down close to the old LORAN station where the tower has been removed. On the way back, I decided to play good citizen by converting one of the mylar balloons I found on the beach into a trash bag that I used to pick up aluminum can shards and more balloons.
  • It was warm work hiking the beach and I took advantage of being ashore to take another shower. One of the neat things about the house they lease is that the ground / guest floor is surrounded by 8 to 10' high dense bushes so it is totally private. This enabled me to take an air bath on the back deck to dry off while I read a magazine.
  • We headed into town after noon and went walking around to find a nice place for lunch. Bill and Kiran Kimbell had recommended the Main Street Bistro to us. We had passed it several times but our timing was poor. This time we were able to snag a table on the patio. The lunch was delicious and was worth the effort.
  • Ed and Nancy had to go fetch their bikes from the shop and they dropped us off at the pier where we made plans for getting together in Maryland. Back at Venture, I found the combination lock I had put on the security cable was open and just hanging from the cable! When I first got the original Venture, I bought a heavy duty security cable to prevent it going walkabout when left unattended at some pier I was visiting. I never did use it and soon Venture I became so "well used" looking I ceased worrying about someone stealing it. Peg and I had been surprised to find that Bill Kimbell had put a security cable on his Zodiac when he left it overnight at EGYC. I never got around to asking him why but it started me thinking. Venture II is a beauty queen compared to its predecessor and I decided I should consider using a security cable when I left it in places where it might disappear. So, since there had been the possibility (which was realized) of leaving it overnight here, I had decided to put on the cable. I'm still puzzled by finding the lock open. One is that someone got cute. The other is that when I banged my head and almost fell in the water, I did not properly set the lock. I remember now that I had not tested it. Ah well a lesson (yet another!).
  • Back at Onward, we found a new neighbor, the super yacht Chantel. We expected to be invited over for cocktails or dinner, but I guess they got too hammered too quickly to remember the invite...

4 Sep 14; Thursday; Nantucket to Block Island
  • Onward was underway at 0530. The inlet was somehow much more benign to navigate even in the pre-dawn low light conditions. It emphasized to me how stressful our entrance had been a week ago. Once I'd had completed breakfast and Onward was on course for Block Island, I worked on the after action review and drafted a checklist and a set of things I want to improve.
  • In Vineyard Sound as Onward approached Quicks Hole, I heard Comotion call on VHF to a tug so after a bit I called back and talked to Toby who with Joy are the new owners of Comotion (the original) which they bought from Bob Como in Annapolis. This is the boat we saw at Hope Town and they are planning to be there again this season.
  • We passed Cuttyhunk at 1200 and had the current with us from just W of Nantucket to the Buzzards Bay tower. Onward entered Salt Pond on Block Island ~1730 and anchored near the spot used during the Corinthian Cruise. The harbor still had a good number of boats at anchorage but was relatively empty compared to the previous visit. The marinas looked empty and there were a lot of empty moorings. I guess it is after the season.
  • We celebrated the end of a long but good travel day with cocktail hour followed by dinner of the tortellini we bought when shopping with Kathy & Andy. Delish.

5 Sep 14; Friday; Block Island to Greenport
  • I was up at 0500 and had Onward underway by 0530. For some reason the chartplotter didn't want to read the chart CF card and I had to remove and reinsert it twice before it decided to work. There was enough pre-dawn light to be able to navigate while futzing with it. Once out of the inlet we set course for Gardener Bay. I managed to get in a couple of long naps while Peg kindly took over navigation. I picked up a sore throat that turned into heavier chest congestion and this has been sapping a bit more of my energy. We entered Gardener Bay about 1030 having to motorsail with the wind just off the nose to port. We were at Greenport by 1200 and ducked into Sterling Harbor to see if there were any moorings available. Apparently, since my previous visit when the Harbormaster found me a mooring, they have put a 40' limit on boats there. So we went back out and anchored on the broad shelf of 13' to 16' just E of the breakwater off the town beach.
  • After a refreshing shower, we Ventured in to town and tied up at the pier in front of Prestons. Peg and I then had lunch at Claudios. I had made a decision to try to stop eating fried food and french fries to try to bring back my boyish figure. However, I was really hungry and realized I was wrapping up my 2014 New England cruise without having had any fried clams. So, I broke my promise to myself. The clams were overcooked and the fries pedestrian -- but I was too hungry to quibble. Later I realized how stupid this had been and made yet another promise: to keep my original promise and also not let hunger overcome me but send back bad food pronto.
  • We walked about town and did some shopping. Peg bought a couple of small nautical-theme plastic trays she felt we needed for serving appetizers. Next came a hat store where I tried out a couple of chapeau fit for a mafiosi. Peg took photos and I sent them off to Wally Savory so he could choose one to go with his recently acquired BMW 735 toy. That important mission done, we went on our way to visit several other places. As we got to the farmers market, Peg asked me what I'd done with the bag with the trays that I'd offered to carry. I was stunned. I'd managed to put it down somewhere and was clueless of where. After a minute, Peg remembered me putting it down while trying on the hats. I hotfooted it back to the hat store where they told me someone had found it and then the hat store owners had brought it to Prestons. I was able to retrieve the bag from Prestons and thus extricate myself from the doghouse.
  • As we boarded Venture, the painter fell overboard and Peg dived for it. I yelled to stop that but by then she had launched her reading glasses overboard. I've been working on Peg to keep her CG (aka butt) down in the dinghy because I'm afraid of her falling over and me not being able to get her back aboard. More work needed here.
  • We Ventured over to Brewers to get gasoline for the outboard then we tied up to and went ashore for a walk. We went out to the town beach where we found Onward placidly sitting at anchor -- always good to see it where I left it. We went back to Captain Billys at Brewers for drinks where we were met by Peg's friends from Port Washington who now live in the Greenport area.
  • Barbra drove us to fetch fried chicken (don't mention my promise) from Salamanders

6 Sep 14; Saturday; Greenport to Sea Cliff
  • I was up after 0400 and Onward was underway by 0500. Exiting the harbor in the pre-dawn darkness was uneventful. As we passed through Plum Gut at about 0630, we picked up help from the current and in spite of > 10 kts of wind on the nose were able to do better than 6.5 kts SOG. In late afternoon, as we approached Hempstead Harbor, a series of thunderstorm cells ran across the Sound from N to S in front of us. We got by with just a bit of rain before we put into the inlet and headed for the Sea Cliff Yacht Club where we picked up a guest mooring.
  • Peg's daughter, Lori, picked us up and we headed off to the annual Italian Festival at the waterfront park. Peg's three grandchildren enjoyed the rides and games and we go some good italian sausage sandwiches before we headed back to SCYC.

7 Sep 14; Sunday; Sea Cliff
  • In late morning, Lori picked us up to spend the day at her home returning to SCYC just after sunset.

8 Sep 14; Monday; Sea Cliff to Manhasset Bay
  • Onward made a leisurely departure and headed around the headland of Sands Point to Manhasset Bay. This was the first time I'd ever traveled close to the shore in this area and I was amazed to see the huge mansions there. The son of Jay Gould built a replica of an English Castle but before it was complete, he decided he didn't want to live in it so he built an even larger mansion, Hempstead House. This was later bought by the Gugenheims, sold to the Navy in WWII and then given to the county in the 1970s as a park. I also learned that Sands Point got its name from the Sands family of colonial times and not the famous sand mines that built NYC.
  • We picked up a town mooring and were able to get a pump out from the town pump out boat not long after. We Ventured into MBYC where Mike and Maureen Yorke fetched us to have lunch together. Peg and I then took a leisurely walk back to the dinghy and had a quiet night aboard.

9 Sep 14; Tuesday; Manhasset Bay
  • I worked on writing a Mainsheet article about the starter failure. We then Ventured into town to have lunch with one of Peg's friends who was visiting from OR where she now lives. We returned to Onward to get ready for the trip down the NJ shore. We again ventured in to MBYC where the Yorkes picked us up for dinner together (you'd think they'd learn their lesson, right?).

10 Sep 14; Wednesday; Manhasset Bay to Atlantic Highlands.
  • Onward got underway at 0900 to make slack current at Hell Gate at 1140. The day which was initially overcast cleared off into a gem. NYC sparkled in the sun as we did the magical East River transit.
  • We were anchored at Atlantic Highlands by 1515. I did a couple of edits on the Mainsheet article and sent it off. But, that was after discovering that the Canon Powershot camera I'd used to document the starter problem has apparently been lost overboard -- maybe when I dumped the stuff in the dingy back in East Greenwich. Ah Well. We enjoyed wine with dinner and went to bed early in preparation for an early start tomorrow.

11 Sep 14; Thursday; Atlantic Highlands to Atlantic City
  • I was up at 0300. There had been almost no wind during the night. The weather forecast was for acceptable seas (3 - 4' at 7-8 sec from the E) and winds from the SW that would increase from < 10 to 15 kts late in the day. Not great, but doable. I figured with the early start we would be S of Barnegate before the winds picked up.
  • Onward was underway ago 0330 and there was plenty of moonlight for an uneventful exit. Wind and sea conditions were as expected and we made > 7 kts SOG as we turned Sandy Hook and headed S. Not long thereafter, we began to pick up an adverse current; then the wind began to increase. SOG fell to ~ 5 kts. Still not bad given the early start. I set the full main and with the traveler to windward was able to get stability and a boost from the wind. By about 0900, boat speed was down to ~4.5 to 5 kts SOG; not great but OK. The winds slowly built up to average ~ 22 apparent with gusts to 30 kts. Seas were OK with occasional pairs of short steep seas that hurt boat speed. It wasn't great just a bit uncomfortable. We were more than 2/3 the way to Barnegat so we kept on. We finally passed Barnegat at ~1500 vice the 1000 I'd hoped for when departing. Ah well. Occasionally we'd hit an highly adverse current pocket and SOG would fall to ~3.5 kts. Onward didn't seem to mind all this. Peg and I were reasonably comfortable -- just having to hold on because of he consent boat motion. We passed Egg Inlet and saw impressive breakers on the offshore shoals. About this time the engine began to loose rpms; they were steady but dropping slowly. I checked the fuel vacuum gage and saw 5+ psi vacuum. This confirmed my suspicion that all the moving around was causing the fuel tank sediment to get stirred up. I flipped the valves on the fuel manifold and cut in the fresh 2-micron port Raycor filter. The engine rpms gradually climbed back to the original level. I had been concerned that the on-engine fuel filter might be affected but this didn't seem to be the case.
  • Off of Barnegat, there had been a VHF hail asking of the sailboat off shore was OK. I waited a bit to see if anyone else answered before I did. The caller from shore asked If I was OK and I said if he was talking to the sailboat off the inlet headed 180º we were fine (if a bit crazy). The caller then asked about the jib. I said I wasn't using it just the "iron benny". About an hour later, we encountered a ~ 30-35' sloop sailing N under mainsail with shreds of its jib hanging from the forestay and slewing about in the following seas. I guess this is the boat the caller had thought he was talking to. I was too busy with the fuel issue to try to communicate.
  • The wind and wind-chop had slowly but steadily been decreasing after we rounded Barnegat and our SOG improved. The sun set at 1915 with us still a mile from the Abescon Inlet. We navigated the inlet primarily under radar. It's a bit of a pain that none of the various electronic or paper charts have the current buoys or their location correct. We found only one other boat in the anchorage and were anchored off the USCG station by 2015. A long, 17-hr, day. Once settled we enjoyed a much needed cocktail and dinner then we both crashed.

12 Sep 14; Friday; Atlantic City
  • The day dawned sunny with a growing N wind. I had been concerned about seas being higher today than yesterday -- but it would have been an easier traveling day. Ah well. Next time we'll do it differently. I guess I let my concern about getting trapped at Atlantic Highlands for a week make the conditions yesterday look better than they turned out. I'd made the decision on the way N to head from here to Atlantic Highlands into the face of a growing N to NE wind. Another non-optimal decision. Again Onward simply shrugged it off. Other than being tossed about a bit Peg and I had been fine. The hatch that popped open the the one that leaked had been the only problems. This time I'd done an adequate job of fixing and sealing hatches so there was no problem there. In June, it turned out that by making the uncomfortable dash N when we did, we had gotten ahead of a lot of bad weather that had plagued boats who had elected not to move when we did; so it turned out to be a good move on our part. By getting to AC yesterday, we are now in a good position to get into the Chesapeake early in the week.
  • I took advantage of the nice weather and lay-day to work on a number of things like inventorying engine spares; changing the Raycor filter, resewing the starboard enclosure door panel where the zippers were coming loose from the canvas; replace a snap for a twist fastener at the base; improving the solar panel mounts. In late afternoon a number of boats came in. While I worked on boat tasks, Peg cleaned the windows of the dodger inside and out and then she got busy in the galley making chicken cacciatore that she froze and chicken with rice and broccoli that we had for dinner. Peg and I considered going ashore to visit a casino then both decided we didn't enjoy it enough to make the effort. Overall a laid-back productrive day.

13 Sep 14; Saturday; Atlantic City
  • The day was overcast with N winds. Peg and I reviewed the weather and decided to be whimps and just chill here until we wouldn't have to face NW to NE winds going up the Delaware. Making the short hop to Cape May wasn't worth the effort. We'd proved our mettle (and my stupidity??) on Thursday. Many of the boats that came into the anchorage yesterday departed. A couple went out and came back; one to anchor and the other to reef their main.
  • Peg and I spent the day doing boat chores until mid afternoon when we had a late lunch with beer which of course led to a nap. We spent the balance of the afternoon just reading as the cold, damp, wind, etc outside didn't make us feel like doing much.
  • With the strong wind and the strong current, Onward sails up current on the anchor. Sometimes, as it changes direction with the current the anchor chain rubs agains the secondary Bruce anchor and we hear a rumble. Tonight, there was a very loud and long rumble. I donned a headlamp and went up on the bow to find the chain actually hooked on one of the horns of the Bruce because the anchor bridle hook had detached from the chain. I untangled the chain, reset the hook and bridle and it got quiet. Peg found some lasagne in the freezer and we had a nice comfort dinner. All was well.

14 Sep 14; Sunday; Atlantic City
  • It there was any doubt the cold front went through last night, the clear blue skies and the cold air made it obvious. I read this morning that the giant $2.4B Revel casino just closed again for the second time and is going up for auction. Someone in FL has a bid in for $90M; not a bad discount. A number of boats in the anchorage departed but we decided there would be better traveling conditions in the morning with lighter winds whistling down the Delaware Bay. We spent the day doing this-n-thats aboard.

15 Sep 14; Monday; Atlantic City to Bohemia R
  • Onward was off at 0530 with light N winds and calm seas that enabled us to motorsail with the main. At Cape May, we lucked out and began to pick up the favorable current as we turned up the bay. It was a pleasant and cool day as journeyed up the Bay - not one of my favorite trips. We arrived at the E end of the C&D Canal at ~ 1900. We were greeted by the first of three tugs and barges moving W to E. The second and third we encountered after sunset about halfway through and learned that the starboard, green, deck running light was not operating so we switched to the masthead tricolor. Oh joy, another thing to fix. We anchored in the dark at Onward's usual place NE of Ford's Point on the Bohemia R where we found two other boats already at anchor. A long but fairly easy day. It was a good decision to wait until today to travel.

16 Sep 14; Tuesday; Bohemia R to Baltimore
  • Onward was underway again at 0600 in the pre-dawn light. We weren't sure exactly where to go. One option was to go to Annapolis and the other was to go into the Baltimore Inner Harbor and get a slip at the Anchorage Marina as I have in the past 7 Septembers. When we passed Poole's Island, we made the decision to go to the Anchorage Marina where we took Onward's "usual" slip, C11, for a month. For many years, arriving here led to a visit with Laura and Kurlen, and then Elena came along and visited too. This year we did the visit via the cruise between RI and Martas Vineyard.
  • As we entered the Patapsco R, we encountered a stream of NATO destroyer-class ships departing. They included 2 US, 1 UK, 1 Turkey, 2 Canadian, 1 German. They were then followed by the USCG tall ship Eagle along with the Pride of Baltimore II, Kalmer Nikle, and a Galleon as well as Baltimore fireboats shooting streams of water in the air.
  • El Galeón Andalucía. The replica of a 16th century Spanish galleon; 170'
  • Was it something I said? Turns out this was the culminating day of the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812.We were settled in the slip by 1200 and headed off to have lunch. I introduced Peg to Chipotle.

17 Sep 14; Wednesday; Baltimore
  • We picked up the rental car in the morning and headed out to do the first medical checkup with my primary care provider. I drove Peg around the area where I used to live in Baldwin. We were still early so I took her to the Hunt Valley Wegman's Market. We both managed to be overwhelmed by all the choices. We found a lot of wonderful foods and got takeout lunch from the deli. We then had a picnic at a table under the trees near the medical office. Thankfully, the medical checkup went well with no new concerns. I'll take it!

18 Sep 14; Thursday; Baltimore
  • Laundry day and packing day for the upcoming trip to Lake Placid. After picking up a prescription I took Peg to the inner harbor Whole Foods where we got sandwiches for lunch and some sinful desserts.

19 Sep 14; Friday; Lake Placid
  • We were off before 0800 only to turn around after a mile or so because we and both left stuff aboard the boat. We took a route that followed 83N through PA and then into NY. I had not visited Lake Placid before. It was a long, 9-hr, drive but the pleasant sunny weather and beautiful terrain made it enjoyable. We arrived at Lake Arrowhead Resort about 1700. After checking in we

20 Sep 14; Saturday; Lake Placid
  • After breakfast with Peg's family, she took me on a driving tour around Lake Saranac, Lake Placid and Mirror Lake. After returning to the hotel, we went on a waling tour of the town of Lake Placid. We forewent lunch and I took a nap while Peg visited.
  • The wedding of Peg's nephew, Brent, and Amanda took place at lakeside -- a beautiful venue. The reception in the hotel followed. I met lots of new and very nice people; but, good thing there wasn't a name quiz later. We had a grand time at the reception.

21 Sep 14; Sunday; Sea Cliff
  • We had breakfast with Valerie, said our farewells, and headed off to Long Island. Peg took me by way of her home town, Saranac. On the way S we stopped at a big orchard to get apples, apple and blueberry pies, and concord grapes. The drive was pleasant and easy until we got to the Throgs Neck Bridge where there was a delay due to bridge maintenance. In spite of that we reached Peg's daughter, Lori, in Sea Cliff by 1900.

22 Sep 14; Monday; Sea Cliff / Baltimore
  • Up and out early for Peg to do her round of 5 medical appointments in the area. I gotta admire this woman who could engineer this! And it worked! Hmm. Maybe this prior planning thing may have some merit!
  • I got to have a good diner / deli sandwich for lunch while poor fasting Peg looked on. We completed all the appointment and all was GOOD! Then we drove back to Maryland stopping along the way for a filling but uninspired rest-stop meal. It felt really good to get back aboard Onward.

23 Sep 14; Tuesday; Baltimore

24 Sep 14; Wednesday; Baltimore

25 Sep 14; Thursday; Baltimore
  • A cold, dark rainy day. I went through my stash of books after finally realizing that I'm addicted to ebooks and will likely never read most of the books I had stashed at the beginning of my cruising life. We managed to slim down from 8 boxes to 3. All the rest we packed up in boxes and moved to the rental car.

26 Sep 14; Friday; Baltimore
  • Busy day with visits to dermatologist and cardiologist. Went shopping for LED spotlights after the two large spotlights I carry aboard both failed to work when we were going into Atlantic City in the dark. Did some on-line comparisons and saw that Black & Decker / Stanley had a 255 lumen unit that used 4 AA batteries for < $20 and a rechargeable Li-Ion 10W / 2200 lumen unit for < $50. So I bought one of each. On the way home I introduced Peg to the local Harris Teeter grocery store. Now she's seen all the high spots.

27 Sep 14; Saturday; Baltimore

28 Sep 14; Sunday; Baltimore
  • At the end of the day and after a revitalizing shower, I headed off on a long walk with Peg toward the Little Italy for dinner. We ended up stopping at Chaz, one of the new restaurants that has cropped up along Alicianna Street. Supposedly NYC Italian, we found the fresh pasta and sauce good and the Margarita pizza only OK. Next time to the real Little Italy.

29 Sep 14; Monday; Baltimore
  • The repair parts for the LiteFlush electric head's macerator/flush pump arrived today. I decided not to put off for today what I could put off till Wednesday. So I limited my efforts to checking them out.

30 Sep 14; Tuesday; Baltimore
  • Peg and I headed off to Annapolis for my annual dental checkup. We made plans to have lunch with the Ariels before. I first got my annual fix of engine maintenance parts from Bayshore Marine and then made my requisite stop at West Marine. Those elements of the annual ritual done, we picked up Miles and Laureen. We found Ariel ensconced on the pier of there Annapolis friends Bill and Sue. The house that they build and its gardens are works of art! I've got to had it to Miles for choosing good friends. (Then why did he choose me? Something to contemplate.) Suzy graciously gave us a tour; magnifico!
  • We had a pleasant lunch at the Boatyard Grill then Peg and friends dumped me at the dentist while they went off and had friends. I was relieved that Peg actually came back and got me! That was enough and we headed back to Baltimore where I treated Peg to the wonders of a clogged I95.