Onward’s Cruise Journal 2015

Updated: 15 Apr 2015

A Note to Readers: You guessed it… I have just been having too much fun playing with Peggy and our friends that I've gotten well behind in this journal. I will try to do better.

April 2015

1 Apr 15; Wednesday;

2 Apr 15; Thursday;

3 Apr 15; Friday;

4 Apr 15; Saturday;

5 Apr 15; Sunday;

6 Apr 15; Monday;

7 Apr 15; Tuesday;

8 Apr 15; Wednesday; Great Harbour Cay to the Gulf Stream

9 Apr 15; Thursday; Gulf Stream to Ft. Pierce and Vero Beach

10 Apr 15; Friday; Vero Beach to Marco Island

11 Apr 15; Saturday; Marco Island

12 Apr 15; Sunday; Marco Island

13 Apr 15; Monday; Marco Island to Vero Beach

14 Apr 15; Tuesday; Vero Beach

15 Apr 15; Wednesday; Vero Beach

16 Apr 15; Thursday; Vero Beach

16 Apr 15; Friday; Vero Beach

18 Apr 15; Saturday; Vero Beach

19 Apr 15; Sunday; Vero Beach

20 Apr 15; Monday; Vero Beach

21 Apr 15; Tuesday; Vero Beach

22 Apr 15; Wednesday; Vero Beach

23 Apr 15; Thursday; Vero Beach to San Diego
  • Peg and I were off by rental car to the airport ago 0400. We had a couple of uneventful flights (the best kind) to San Diego. There we encountered a huge line where we had our rental car reservation. My son was able to get us another car immediately at the National place next door. Nice.
  • We immediately drove to meet Joseph and Erin at their new home. It is a delightful Craftsman Era home on a corner lot just off the SE corner of Balboa Park. After a quick tour we walked off to have lunch at a neighborhood brew pub.

24 Apr 15; Friday; San Diego

25 Apr 15; Saturday; San Diego

26 Apr 15; Sunday; San Diego

27 Apr 15; Monday; Joshua Tree National Monument / Yucca

28 Apr 15; Tuesday; Joshua Tree National Monument / Lake Arrowhead

29 Apr 15; Wednesday; Lake Arrowhead

30 Apr 15; Thursday; Lake Arrowhead