Onward’s Cruise Journal 2013
Visit to West Coast

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Updated: 18 May 2013

May 2013

1 May 13; Wednesday;

  • The trip from Annapolis to LA was fast, traffic-free, and without complication -- except for security check at BWI. For some reason, the explosives scanner didn't like my backpack. Since the last time I used it was to travel back from LA to FL, that was a bit of a mystery. Perhaps duck merge from being set down on a pier?
  • I was greeted by Laura and, yes, she was very pregnant!
  • I headed off to preschool with Laura to pick up Elena. I was astounded by the verbal development of Elena since she visited me in Baltimore last October. We can now hold fairly complex conversations.

2 May 13; Thursday;

3 May 13; Friday;
  • Grandpa got to solo today to take Elena to preschool. On the way, Elena and I counted buses and trash trucks. We got to 12 buses and 9 trash trucks; an "Amazing Day" according to Elena.
  • On Fridays, they start the morning with songs in the courtyard to celebrate Shebat. I was adopted by a couple of moms and shown the ropes.

4 May 13; Saturday;

5 May 13; Sunday;

6 May 13; Monday;

7 May 13; Tuesday;

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10 May 13; Friday;

11 May 13; Saturday;
  • Joseph drove up from SD for a visit. He looked great as his regimen of yoga and vegetarian diet seems to be doing well by him. A guitar session with Kurlen and Elena ensued followed by a breakdancing lesson where Joe got some pointers from Kurlen. Joe, Kurlen and I took Elena off to lunch at a local Thai restaurant while Laura enjoyed an afternoon of quiet.

12 May 13; Sunday;

13 May 13; Monday;
  • A visit to the OB coincided with the start of Laura's contractions. It looked like things were going to accelerate. Aunt Terri decided to drive up from San Diego just in case. However, GC2 decided to cool it.

14 May 13; Tuesday;
  • Another quiet day on the GC2 front.

15 May 13; Wednesday;
  • Another quiet day on the GC2 front. Terri headed home until things pick up.

16 May 13; Thursday;
  • Laura decided the baby shouldn't appear today so as not to have a birthday overlap with a relative. We took Elena out to lunch/dinner after we picked her up at nursery school.

17 May 13; Friday;
  • Kurlen had off so today was a "vacation ". We visited REI where I got new Keens and some boat gadgets. We then went searching for a taco truck to explore the LA food truck scene but the one we sought wasn't to be found. We ended up at a great place with > 40 beers on tap! I experimented with a flight of 4 craft beers from the local area. All were great and worth drinking again. So many beers, so little time!
  • In an effort to encourage GC2 to make its appearance, we went to an Indian restaurant where Laura had some spicy Vindaloo.

18 May 13; Saturday;

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