Guest Schedule
for the
Onward Saga

Updated: 8 July 2017

For years I have been inviting family and friends to join me for a sojourn aboard Onward as it wends its way along the ICW, in the Bahamas, and on the return to the Chesapeake and New England. Surprisingly few have taken me up on the invitations. Those who have enjoyed the experience.

In the last few months, I've found more interest from folks who are actively considering joining Onward for a visit. Maybe it is just my persistence in inviting, maybe they are getting more adventuresome. So, I decided to add this web page to help those considering a visit.

Some are interested in the live aboard experience while others are considering a stay at a resort near Onward so we can do short excursions aboard.

A first rule of this scheme is that any schedule involving cruising is notional: it is subject to the capricious whims of weather and boat "stuff". So with that note…

Notional Schedule

Information about resorts and air travel to the Bahamas can be found on my cruising guide website:

So, folks, let's talk about it so I can add your name to the list and "save the date"

Captain & CEO, Onward Cruising Experiences