Onward’s Cruise Journal 2018
Cruise to the Bahamas

Updated: 14 April 2018

April 2018

1 Apr 18; Sunday; George Town to Emerald Bay Marina

  • I got Onward underway at 0730 and headed N up Elizabeth Harbour to Conch Cut while most of the crew was still abed. The wind had dropped during the night making for a peaceful exit of the cut.
  • We motorsailed N to Emerald Bay Marina where we found long period swells of 3-4'. This made the entrance peaceful. Once inside they suggested we go to the fuel pier first. We didn't have much time to rig for docking and a line got miss-rigged over a lifeline. Docking wasn't pretty but got done. It was a reminder that we need to loudly instruct the person on the dock to take only the mid-ship line and get it on a cleat with minimal length of line leading to the boat. Most dockhands want to use the line to break the motion of the boat — but I can do it much easier and better with the engine. Ah well. Always something to remember for next time.
  • We moved to a slip on D pier. Once tied up the first line of business was to hook up to dock water. Then the parade of crew to take showers began. The cleaned up Payton family headed off to explore and soon homed in on the pool at Grand Isles Resort. Peggy and I joined them for a late lunner.

2 Apr 18; Monday; Emerald Bay Marina

3 Apr 18; Tuesday; Emerald Bay Marina
  • I was up at 0600 to make coffee and heard an unusual sound: Kian was crying softly and talking to his mom. It turned out that he didn't want to go back to LA but wanted to stay in the Bahamas. I know that feeling.
  • At 1030 the taxi arrived — with a dozen eggs he picked up for us. Peggy and I bid a fond farewell to our crew as they headed off to the airport. It turned out their flights from Exuma and then Atlanta were delayed and they got home in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.
  • Peggy and I spent the rest of the day just chillin.

4 Apr 18; Wednesday; Emerald Bay to Musha Cay
  • A beautiful day. Winds were down to 10-12 from ESE. Swells were ~ 3'. A good day to depart.
  • We retrieved our refilled propane tank, topped off the water tanks, and began our departure. Peggy and I talked through the sequence of removing dock lines and how we would back out into the fairway and do a 180º to head out. I was on the pier removing unneeded spring lines and running stern and bow lines back to Onward. I had done the stern and Peggy and I were at the bow. As we concentrated on moving the bow line to another dock cleat, somehow the stern line unwound from the dock cleat and the stern began to drift back and away. I sent Peggy back to take control at the helm while I used the bow line to haul it close to the pier. I had to slink under the life lines to get aboard — luckily with little damage to self. Peggy followed the plan and by the time I got back to the helm she had Onward ready to head out. Nice having at least one competent person on this boat!
  • The exit from the marina was very benign and we were soon motorsailing N in the Sea of Abaco. I had intended to take Rudder Cut but as it was about full ebb current agains the wind, I decided to go to the wider and deeper Cave Cay Cut. The water was very stirred up by the outgoing current but our entrance was tame and uneventful — the best kind. We anchored at our usual spot off the SW corner of Musha Cay just S of the Ro-Ro ship pier. Beauty, quiet. Nice!

5 Apr 18; Thursday; Musha Cay

6 Apr 18; Friday; Musha Cay

7 Apr 18; Saturday; Musha Cay

8 Apr 18; Sunday; Musha Cay

9 Apr 18; Monday; Musha Cay

10 Apr 18; Tuesday; Musha Cay

11 Apr 18; Wednesday; Musha Cay

12 Apr 18; Thursday; Musha Cay
  • Taxes done

13 Apr 18; Friday; Musha Cay
  • C470 database
  • FPG
  • Breathless

14 Apr 18; Saturday; Musha Cay

15 Apr 18; Sunday; Musha Cay

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